Meetings & Games

Game Group Meetings:

     Most groups meet once a month or bi-weekly on a regular schedule.  Weekends are typical but some groups do offer mid-week get-togethers from time-to-time, depending on work and school commitments.  QC group games are open to members and their guests.


Special Events:

     Quest Club aims to host a special event (like a trip, tournament, or party) every other month or more often, as resources and time permit.  Events are usually scheduled for weekends in order to best accommodate guest's work and school schedules.  Special Events are open to Members, their guests, and on occasion - the general public.


Club Functional Meetings:

     Our full membership is called together twice a year to discuss and vote on club business and initiatives.  Our board of officers meets quarterly.  Once a year we hold an annual banquet to recognize member achievements and club milestones.  In most cases, these meetings are open only to members, applicants, and certain guests.

If you have any questions regarding any of our meetings or would like to be invited to one, Contact Us!

Currently Running Gaming Groups

Heralds of the Fifth Sun

Heralds of the Fifth Sun

Game Type: Role-Playing 

Game System: BDZ House Rules (D20-Based RPG) 

Game Master: Zack Infanger

Location: Forest City, IA 

Frequency: Once a month on pre-agreed Saturday, 12pm-10pm 

Openings: 6 dedicated players, 1 open "guest star" seat per session

Maturity: Adult 

Description: Our story follows a group of "divinely guided", Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans, as they seek to find a way to change the timeline and stop a cataclysmic future event sure to doom Mankind.  This campaign primarily touches upon a number of Mayan, Aztec, Incan, and other ancient civilizations - giving us a glimpse into the lands, lives, and lore of these ancient peoples.  With an additional story aspect involving alternate realities, parallel dimensions, and diverting timelines, the impossible becomes possible.  Potentially opening up other historical periods and even fantasy realms. The possibilities are as endless and vibrant as the pantheon of Gods who watch over everyone and everything in this - our version of life during the period of time known as "The Fifth Sun" in Mesoamerican lore.  Follow our story, or join us for a game and influence it yourself!

Eldritch Encounters

Game Type: Role-Playing 

Game System: Pocket RPG or Call of Cthulhu RPG 

Game Master: Xander Smith 

Location: Forest City, IA 

Frequency: Variable Saturdays, Monthly, 12pm-6pm 

Openings: 4-6 seats

Maturity: Teen 

Description: This is a disconnected series of one-offs based on and/or heavily inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft. Journey with us to the city of Ulthar, to the supernatural hub of Arkham, to the planets of the Migo and Yithians, and everywhere in between. Help us uncover the bidding of ancient beings, like Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep. On these quests, we discover eldritch horrors or cosmic terror. Be warned: we will be uncovering things humankind was never meant to uncover. 

Through The Looking Glass

Game Type: Role-Playing
Game System: Varied (D&D, Crimson Cutlass, Star Wars, BDZ House Rules-D20, etc.)
Game Master: Zack Infanger (with occasional guest GM's)
Location: Forest City, IA
Frequency: Variable Saturdays, 12pm-6pm
Openings: 4 to 6
Maturity: Teen to Adult
Description: Each session of "Through the Looking Glass" will seek to offer players a different and entertaining experience, through a range of settings and genres. From medieval fantasy akin to Lord of the Rings to historically inspired parallels akin to Pirates of the Caribbean to Space Operas akin to Star Wars to horror stories inspired by Bram Stoker or HP Lovecraft, and even a bit o' comedy at times. Our sessions will be geared towards providing prospective members and applicants a chance to game with established members and get a feel for what Quest Club has to offer. Interested? Contact Us to learn more or to RSVP a seat!

Friday Night Fights & Saturday Smackdowns

Game Type: Role-Playing
Game System: Roll20 online & BDZ House Rules (D20)
Game Master: Zack Infanger
Location: Virtual (online)
Frequency: Bi-Weekly, Fridays, 9 pm to 1 am (US, Central Time)
Openings: 3 (5 player max, 2 seats taken)
Maturity: Teen to Adult
Description: Log on, sit in and set out for a session of role-playing sure to include combat and camaraderie.  Each session will seek to tell a different stand-alone short story, so as to allow our busy players abroad some game time without having to commit to a long-term campaign.  Characters will be simplistic, using pre-generated templates to provide gamers the chance to "sit and play" - no prep work needed.  REQUIREMENTS TO PLAY: An online interface, a microphone, and a camera (recommended).  Interested?  Contact Zack to RSVP for any session!  Email:

XBoxing & Netflix Day

Game Type: Video Games

Game System: XBox 360 & XBox One

Game Master: Charlie & Gabe Brown

Location: Forest City, IA

Frequency: Bi-Weekly, Saturdays, 10am-10pm

Openings: 2* (4 player max, 2 seats taken)

Maturity: Child to Adolescent

Description: Join Charles & Gabe as they host a day of activities alternating between XBox games and movies on Netflix.  Play Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders, many Lego titles, and more.  Take breaks between games with G and PG-rated movies and cartoons.  Sprinkle in a few snacks and some outside play (weather permitting) and you have the perfect recipe for kids having fun and building friendships.  NOTE: openings rotate as kids come and go throughout the day  Once registered, group members can call to see what is available and at what times.  This group's meeting location rotates between various residences each month and is overseen by parents, on site.  Interested in joining in or hosting?  Email us:

The Wizards of Candahar

Game Type: Role-Playing
Game System: BDZ House Rules (D20)
Game Master: Joe Coombs
Location: Online (
Frequency: Monthly, Fridays, 5 pm to 11 pm (Mountain Time)
Openings: 0 (5 player max, 5 seats taken)
Maturity: Teen to Adult (PG-13)
Description: In a world where magic and mystery are the norm of life for many, we find an adventure underway as our players journey with their guild mates to save their master. After receiving a mysterious ransom note passed to one of their own in the streets, the strongest remaining wizards of the Iron Heart guild are on a quest to collect the necessary funds to save their beloved master. However unbeknownst to them darker forces are afoot as the country verges on a secret war, and they may soon find themselves entangled in chaos beyond their wildest dreams." A campaign written by request, inspired by the anime tv series Fairy Tail.

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