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What We Do

     Our members come together in groups once or twice a month to play games of all sorts, in a social atmosphere, that promotes friendships and comradery.  We also try to provide our members with monthly Special Events such as movie nights, holiday parties, picnics, tournaments with prizes, trips to Ren Faires or the like, and themed camp-outs (to name a few!).


     Role-Playing Games (such as Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Crimson Cutlass, and a slew of others) are the primary vehicle for most of our members but by no means the only types of games we play.  Our members bring a great assortment to the table (pun intended).  We are open to trying just about any game out there but here is a list of the most popular types of gaming we do along with examples of games within those genres:


  • Table-Top Role-Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Shadowrun, Crimson Cutlass, En Nomine, D20-based House Rules, and various others welcome).

  • Computer & Console Games (PC & MAC platforms, X-BOX, Play Station, Nintendo, yeah... even "old school classics" like Atari, Sega, and others.  We prefer in-house face-to-face gaming but enjoy MMO's too).

  • Collectible Card Games (Magic, Pokemon, Five Rings, 7th Sea, Munchkin, and so on).

  • Board Games (Axis & Allies, Settlers of Catan, Trivial Pursuit, Dungeon Quest, etc.).

  • Miniatures Games (Napoleonics, Battletech, Chainmail, Field of Glory, Warlord, Warhammer, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, etc.).

  • Live Action Role Playing (mostly in-house events but also welcoming to groups such as the IFGS, LARPA, SCA, and all others!). 

  • Classic Games (Chess, Go, Checkers, hearts, poker, Mah Jongg, Bridge, Hearts, Backgammon, etc.).


Want to see some examples of our members having fun?  Take a look at our Photo Gallery!



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