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Donate & Volunteer

     Quest Club is an informal organization.  Therefore, we can't offer you any sort of tax incentives for helping us out (at least, not yet!).  Sorry, no write-offs here!  However, if you still want to help out of the goodness of your heart - we can use it!


If you are moved to help...

Donate Here!

List of Event & Activity Examples: 


  • Movie Night

    • (tickets, transport, snacks, after-meal)​​​​

  • Game Tournament

    • (prizes, posters, advertising, hosts)

  • Annual Picnic

    • (food, utensils, hosts, sports equipment, park games, prizes)

  • Themed Camp-Out & LARP

    • (advertising, location, transportation, camping gear, food, LARP equipment, hosts, volunteers, on-site medic, etc.)

List of Recurring Costs & Needs Examples:


  • Clubhouse

    • (rent, utilities, maintenance, etc.)

  • Transportation

    • (Vehicle, fuel, maintenance, etc.)

  • Tangibles

    • (T-shirts, hats, game supplies, etc.)

  • Administrative

    • (Printing, fuel, Website, etc.)

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